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Julia Kaset

Education: East Hamilton High School / Lee University / Cumberland University

Bio: Julia claimed Academic All Mid-South Conference and MSC Champion of Character during her collegiate soccer career.

Services Provided: Amateur Sports Performance

Testimonial: Now I have had lots and lots of strength and conditioning coaches in my life, especially as a college soccer player. However, I have never had one quite like Coach Smooth – and I mean that in the best way possible. Not only did he help me achieve my physically goals, but also my mental ones. He provided a comfortable yet motivational environment for me to work as hard as I could to reach my fullest potential. I have never had a coach with as much knowledge and wisdom about anything and everything, from strength training to nutrition to life in general. He is 100% a role model that I will always look up to, be able to count on, and reach out to regarding any kind of advice.I am incredibly thankful to have been a part of the growing process physically and mentally with Coach Smooth and will carry things I have learned from him with me forever.