Ready to take your performance to the next level? Join over 400+ elite level athletes from every sport who have transformed their performance and aesthetics working with Smooth Fitness. This is an opportunity to work with Coach Smooth one-on-one for the next 12 weeks. I know, you’re used to 4 weeks and you’re on your way. That’s not the move over here. We take a deep dive into your anatomy, physiology, and movement patterns to properly assess how to customize your program. Yes, it’s custom. There’s no copy and paste. We don’t get down with that. Many times, I see athletes and clients simply wait for the Coach to assign them what to do. There are no questions asked, no detail provided.

My goal is to educate you and work WITH you on building your program so you understand the “how’s” and the “why’s”. You aren’t coming for a good workout. You are coming to further your education about YOUR body and how to become efficient and independent within your athletic/performance journey. Every athlete is different and has a unique way of adapting to training stimulus and I want to identify what you respond best to and prescribe more as we progress.

It’s time (and been time) to educate athletes more about the principles of strength and conditioning, movement mechanics, nutrition, psychology & performance, and how to properly tie these concepts together to advance athleticism. Movement selection, volume, intensity, rest, and your sport/activity are all factors we must consider when working together in bringing that dog out of you.

As we move from phase to phase, you’ll receive real time feedback to the programming because it is based on your actions and responsiveness. The body is a beautiful thing and will navigate itself to exactly what is needed each day so long as we listen to it.

Parents: You can pay me now, or pay for it later in tuition.

Each online coaching experience includes:

  • A comprehensive history and intake forms
  • Free movement assessment (valued at $249.99) with Coach Smooth
  • Weekly calls with Smooth for program adjustments
  • Personalized corrective exercise video tutorials
  • Email check-ins and correspondence