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Maya Ramsey

Education: Woodstock High School / Tennessee State University

PB: 60m hurdles – 8.56 (OVC Indoor Championship 2017)

Bio: Maya was named All-County Athlete for Cherokee County in Georgia in 2013. While at TSU, she became the 2017 OVC Indoor 60m Hurdles Bronze Medalist. Her career best was 8.56 in the 60m hurdles. Post undergrad, she decided to still stay invested in the athletic realm of performance to continue bettering her physicality.

Testimonial: I started my journey with Coach Smooth in 2018. After being a retired athlete I struggled with a lot of body insecurities and became stagnant in my fitness journey. This program saved me from that in more ways than I can say. I was secure with my results, I was more conscious of things I put in my body, I formed a routine and here we are now and I am in the best shape I’ve been in a long time. I have gained friends through this program and an unconditional love for fitness.

Services Provided: Amateur Sports Performance