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Spenser Schmidt

Education: Churchill High School / Portland State / University of Oregon

PB: 100m – 10.32 (6 JUN 2019), Long Jump – 7.67 (25 JAN 2019)

Bio: Spenser is a Professional Track & Field athlete who became a 2016 NCAA regional qualifier in the long jump, 2016 Big Sky Long Jump Conference Champion, All-American at University of Oregon, helped break the 4×1 relay school record, and placed fourth in the long jump finals at Oregon (7.44m) at the PAC-12 Championships. He also achieved Academic All-American status.

Testimonial: Working with Smooth Fitness has been an exceptional holistic approach to training. customized for any athlete, body type or lifestyle it has been seamlessly incorporated into my everyday regimen as a professional athlete and entrepreneur . Smooth is a very intellectually gifted coach that applies his knowledge to create individually customized programs. If something needs to be modified or changed the focus shifts on catering to a new desired goal. This is crucial as a professional because changes in schedule drastically affect training cycles. Working with someone that understands your sport and what it requires is everything when it comes to competing at the highest level. Smooth never fails to see the vision and is willing to work with a team that surrounds the athlete for the common goal of competing on the world stage for championship medals.

Service Provided: Professional Sports Performance